So you are feeling tightness in your hamstring, or it pulls when you turn your neck too far to the side, or you have a knot in your shoulder that just won't go away.... you know you need to stretch it but you don't know how.

Will you hurt yourself if you stretch too much or pull too tightly?  What is the proper way to stretch?
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The road to physical fitness is not a straight line. That is why there is Perfect Circle Fitness.
There are many different stretching techniques out there. The key is to know which stretches are right for you.

That is where Perfect Circle Fitness can help.
Do you need active stretching (when you participate in the stretch) or passive stretching (when someone else does is for you)?
Do you need:

  •  static stretching
  •  active isolated stretching
  •  facilitated stretching -or- 
  •  PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching?  
Perfect Circle Fitness can teach you the proper ways to stretch.  We can also provide you with a full body stretch or simply stretch the areas where specific muscle tension needs lengthening.
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