"The sight of pain is rarely the site of the problem" ~ Pete Egoscue
But most of us don't have perfect postural alignment. We have a rotated shoulder, elevated hip, everted feet, forward lean or one or more of many other postural misalignments. As a result we suffer from aching joints, painful muscles, fatigue, decreased range of motion and many other ailments.
Based on your individual data, a personalized exercise program is compiled. Photos and descriptions of each exercise are provided. Many of the exercises can be done without special equipment, can be done in the privacy of your home and should be done daily to achieve optimal results. 

Your Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise Specialist will take follow-up photos and generate new menus as you progress through the program and feel and see improvement in your posture and resulting decrease of your pain.
How do I now if Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise is right for me?
Chronic pain is easy to identify – You feel it all the time. It is present in those muscles and parts of your body that always require attention from you, your chiropractor or your massage therapist. Chronic pain persists despite all of your attempts to eliminate it. Most often the missing piece of the puzzle is the need to attack the source rather than the pain itself. Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise can often eliminate hip pain by adjusting your walk, rather than the few hours of relief you may achieve after a massage appointment.

How long will it take to see or feel results?
Results will vary. Some feel better almost immediately. For others it can take a bit longer. Most chronic pain caused by postural imbalances is the result of long term dysfunction and will take time to correct and to heal. Adherence to doing the daily routine of exercises is vital to success. 

Will I be able to do the exercises at home or do I need special equipment?
Many of the exercises can be done in the privacy of your home with simple items such as a chair, pillow and/or towels. If access to a fitness equipment is available, customized postural alignment corrective exercises using fitness equipment will also be provided.

Are the exercises painful or difficult to do?
The postural alignment corrective exercises provide a powerful aid to changing your postural alignment. Once learned, they are quite simple to do and should not cause any pain at all. As with most new exercises, you may experience some fatigue or muscle soreness. This is normal. However, if any exercise does cause pain, discontinue doing it and notify your Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise Specialist. Always consult your physician if you have any concerns regarding the recommended exercises. Your Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise Specialist will work with you to adjust your program should you feel pain or discomfort.

How often will I need to get a new menu of exercises?
The frequency of new exercises will depend on how your body responds to the initial program. In some cases, just one exercise menu is enough to correct postural deviations and to eliminate pain. In other cases it is a process, adding additional menus throughout.

Can I continue with my regular exercise program?
Absolutely! Unless your current activities are causing dysfunctions in your posture or pain, you will be able to carry on with your regular workouts and activities of daily living. All of this will be evaluated by your Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Is there an age minimum or maximum to participate in Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise?
There are no age restrictions for those that can benefit from Postural Alignnment Corrective Exercise.  Programs are personalized to meet clients' individual abilities.  Very young children benefit by learning proper postural alignment early and will carry it with them throughout their life.  The elderly benefit from reduced pain, better blood flow and balance.
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The P.A.C.E. Program works to identify areas of postural dysfunction and then targets the dysfunction by doing appropriate postural corrective exercises. The correct and consistent use of postural corrective exercises can eliminate the pain that results from postural compensations.
Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise Can Help You!
During your first meeting with a Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise Specialist, a thorough medical history is taken. Chronic and acute pain symptoms are addressed along with any other relevant medical background.
After the medical history is recorded, photos are taken with views of your back, front, and sides. Ideally you will be wearing shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.

Posture and the stress placed on the body is thoroughly analyzed.

Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise (P.A.C.E.) is based on the principal that the body works as a unit, not as individual parts. Your body may have a dysfunction in one area which it compensates for in another area of the body. The pain you may experience in one area of your body may actually be originating in an entirely different area. 
For example, the pain you may feel in your right shoulder may be caused by a rotated left hip. Rather than treat pain for short-term relief, The Perfect Circle Fitness Method of Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise seeks to identify and address the cause of the pain to restore full, pain-free functionality.
​Ideally, we would all have perfect posture. All of our joints would be aligned as shown: knees would be aligned over ankle joints, hips over the knee joints and shoulders over the hips.
The Perfect Circle Fitness Method of Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise works by identifying the areas of postural dysfunction and then targeting the dysfunction by doing the appropriate postural corrective exercises.
Perhaps you just don't like the posture that you see when you look in the mirror.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  What does your posture say about you.  Does it show confidence? Or do you look tired and worn-down.

You are not stuck with poor posture.  We can help you with the proper corrective exercises.
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