• Body Composition and Weight Management
  • Post Rehab/Medical Exercise (PRiME Program)
  • Postural Alignment Corrective Exercise (P.A.C.E.)
  • Senior Fitness
  • Junior Fitness
  • Perinatal Fitness
  • Cancer Exercise
  • Stretching and Flexibility
Personal Training is available for any of the services offered.
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We offer a variety of options to meet your personal training needs.  
Just as no two people's fitness needs are the same, each person has different personal training requirements. 
Some people need the motivation of a personal trainer in order to workout. Without the set appointment, they will find every excuse not to workout.
Others love to workout but need a professional to teach them new skills to keep their fitness programming fresh.
Some clients may just want to be stretched periodically, others may want a weekly stretch session, and yet others may just want to meet one time to learn the stretches that they need to do on their own.
Some clients may have just purchased exercise equipment and need to learn how to use it, others may own no equipment and need someone to bring it to them.
Some clients may travel frequently and want to learn a fitness routine they can do "on the road", others may want to workout at their home. 
Contact us today to discuss your unique fitness requirements and we will customize a personal training program and schedule that will work for you.
Whatever your specific personal training needs are, Perfect Circle Fitness has the solution.