"I can keep the pain in my knees in check and put off knee replacement surgery"
I have been training with Sharon Moelis on a regular basis since early 2006. I had worked with other personal trainers in the past but was forced to stop when they didn't know how to work around the constant pain in my knees. Fortunately, Sharon was eager to take on my issues and the results have been nothing short of amazing! Her knowledge of medical exercise instills a level trust and the results speak for themselves. I've learned that with regular strength training, I can keep the pain in my knees in check and put off knee replacement surgery for that much longer. ~ K.P.
"I feel great! "
I feel great! I am free of pain for the first time in memory. I have achieved this through the use of the Postural Alignment Therapy at Perfect Circle Fitness. It is easy to develop under the guidance of a trained and conscientious practitioner like Sharon Moelis.

Once begun, this Postural Alignment Therapy can be continued successfully on your own. Your personalized exercises can be done at home and without expensive equipment. In addition, I have found these exercises (which, in my case, includes both rotation and flexion) has improved my appearance. Not only do I have better posture but a slimmer profile, too. I love the way I look and feel and recommend it to others….. it’s great. Thank you for your kind attention.
 ~ V.D.

At age 64 after my Cardio Rehab was completed I started to look at ‘Fitness’ centers to maintain my required exercise and even go to the next level to get myself into better shape and avoid further cardio issues. I visited a number of local ‘clubs’ and I explained my situation, each of them showed me around and put a contract in my hands. Needless to say I felt like there was no empathy for my condition and I was nothing more than a dollar sign to them. The last club I went to was South Shore Fitness where I was introduced to Sharon Moelis.

Sharon was the only one who listened to me and actually took notes during our meeting. She then advised me that before she would accept my membership she wanted to speak with my cardiologist to insure that the program put forth was correct and helpful to reach my goal.  ​I have been working with Sharon for four years and feel better today than I did when I was years younger. Sharon adjusts my routines periodically and has kept my interest and desire to show up. ~ Martin Rolnick
"Sharon is the best trainer I have ever worked with..."
​I have been working out with fitness trainers since I was fifty years old; I am now 77. I spend most of my time in Florida and when I came back to New York for the summer I worked out with many trainers on Long Island. I was very unhappy with them and two years ago I found Sharon Moelis. Sharon is the best trainer I have ever worked with ( and I have worked with many over the past 27 years). She is totally committed to her occupation and takes a sincere interest in her clients needs. She is willing to work you out to your fullest capacity and each session is totally different from the last one. I am never bored working out with Sharon (I usually look at the clock when I am working out) and the hour flies by. I look forward to my next workout with Sharon. ~ Stanley Gruber
"Sharon was the only one who listened to me and actually took notes....."
Sharon it is with pleasure that I write and tell of the extra ordinary relationship I have with you. I had been searching for a new personal trainer for a while and no one seemed just right, then one day I saw Sharon and just the way she carried herself I knew she was "my girl". I trained with Sharon for quite awhile she not only worked on my body but she worked on my thinking about how I eat and how I approach my eating. If my monetary situatation changes she will be the first important item back in my budget. Anyone wanting to feel good about themselves and change the way they think about working out I would strongly recommend Sharon for you.  Also, let me say she doesn't ever leave you. I stilll hear from her she checks up on me and that feels good.  
 ~Anne Gesualdo 
"Anyone wanting to feel good about themselves and change the way they thing about working out I would strongly recommend Sharon for you."
For the past three years, Sharon has begun her session by asking, "How do you feel today?" With her fingers on the pulse and the consistent delivery of high quality care and expertise embedded in the individualized program she has designed, so begins the day. Sharon's acuity regarding functional anatomy and how it relates to fitness is right on the mark. Her analysis of my current fitness status, two bad knees, along with previous issues regarding my back and hip, enables her to make appropriate determinations for necessary program components. She truly cares about my health and fitness, and because of a level of trust that has developed I would rather work with her than a physical therapist.  ~ J.P

"For the past three years, Sharon has begun her session by asking, "How do you feel today?"
​I have been training regularly with Sharon Moelis for several years. Her knowledge and skill have helped me maintain a vital active lifestyle. Just by watching me walk into the gym, she knows what exercises will be beneficial to me. Sharon researches any physical problem I have and develops a personal exercise regimen to ameliorate the condition. I am a stronger healthier woman because of Sharon’s caring and expertise. ~ LJR

"I am a stronger healthier woman because of Sharon's caring and expertise."
​I trained with Sharon Moelis for the past three years,after training at another gym with NO success, She targeted all my strengths and weaknesses and was able to help me both lose weight and avoid knee surgery. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of exercise was nothing short of amazing as she was so informative and knew each and every muscle and joint that needed to either be worked on or avoided. I attribute all my success to her compassion and her drive and she actually made the hard work enjoyable. I would highly recommend her anytime!  ~ Ila Rabinowitz
I started going to Sharon about two years ago after my arthroscopy knee surgery. She was recommended to me from the Therapist at my Physical Therapy. I had hurt my knee from exercising incorrectly. My biggest fear after getting the knee surgery was to hurt myself again. However, I still wanted to stay fit and exercise. The Therapist suggested that I go to Sharon Moelis. She assured me that she would be perfectly suited to help me in my full recovery after the Physical Therapy and teach me how to exercise safely.

I was a little apprehensive to go to a Personal Trainer at first. I would have to reveal to her that as a child I had Polio and the residual effects it had on my body. My case is not as severe as some people but I do have weakness on my left side especially my arm. This also contributes to my knee problem on my normal leg. After meeting Sharon and telling her my situation, I felt comfortable and she seemed eager to start working with me.  

On my first session she showed different ways to start building strength in my arm and it was not with weights but my brain. She would show me how to do a simple exercise like; lifting my right arm and then repeating it with the weak arm (I was not able to do this with my weak arm). Of course I did not think this was possible but with much determination and encouragement, I slowly started doing things with my weak arm that I thought I would never do. She retrained my brain; it was amazing. After about a month or so I started lifting my weak arm. Slowly she incorporated weights and my arm is getting stronger by the day. I still have weakness but now I am more conscious of my abilities. I make a consciously effort not to just use my strong side and balance my body more evenly when I exercise. 

I see Sharon every week and she has taught me things about my body that I never knew. I feel so much better and stronger since I have been going to her. She is very personable and I enjoy my half-hour with her every week. Her encouragement and enthusiasm makes my training sessions a pleasure. She is professional, and very knowledgeable at what she does. I don’t doubt that Sharon would excel at anything she puts her mind to. She seems like a very capable and intelligent woman.    ~ A.E.
"She was able to help me both lose weight and avoid knee surgery."
"...she showed different ways to start building strength in my arm and it was not with weights but my brain."
Sharon Moelis is a lifesaver. After a leg amputation, her training expertise made my recovery and rehab got supercharged with her knowledge, attitude and compassion. Then I had half of my other foot amputated, but Sharon would not let me give up on myself. For me, she's a "booster shot". Not only does she give great advice, but, just as important, she's a great listener and sounding board. Currently, she's helping me build up my stamina and strength. I owe her a lot, obviously. So I'm very pleased to be asked to write this for her. Whatever she sets her mind to, will be achieved. That's the kind of rare individual she is. ~ Ed Budd

"Sharon is a lifesaver."
Hi Sharon, 
I just wanted you to know I was truly impressed with your analysis and the customized set of exercises that followed. I have been to many personal trainers but none have the knowledge, skill and passion that you have.

Thank you,
Walter Taylor (Postural Alignment Client)
"...none have the knowledge, skill and passion you have....
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