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You look at the numbers on the scale and you just can't believe the number..... feel like you are watching your weight and live an active lifestyle, but your jeans just don't fit.
It's time to take control and be the best you that you know you can be.
No two bodies are the same.  We each have our individual "problem areas" and our specific "aches and pains".  Each person's fitness programming must be customized to meet their specific needs, goals and limitations. 
Each person's fitness programming must cater to their specific needs, goals and limitations. 
The road to physical fitness is not a straight line. That is why there is Perfect Circle Fitness.
At Perfect Circle Fitness a detailed medical and exercise history will be taken at your initial visit. Your body measurements will be taken and your individual fitness goals will be discussed.
A schedule will be set that will accommodate your busy life.  We will come to your home and bring our own equipment or work with whatever fitness equipment you may have.
Detailed records of your fitness programs, body composition and weight changes will be recorded so your progress can be quantified and tracked by both you and your trainer.
Our trainers will really listen to what you and your body tell us as we work toward achieving your goals.  
Contact us to set up your initial consultation today!